Limited Editions

These art works are digital creations printed in limited editions, signed by Chris Tucker with a authenticity certificate. The sizes can vary from 100 to 50 squares centimeters in order to keep the optical effect.

At Saatchi Art online you can buy just copies in small sizes. If you want to have a signed limited edition copy or any of these op art works at a more affordable price, make a contact with us at the page Contact & Purchase.

Click on the art work to see its details and prices.

cropped-clone-292.jpg    Clone 29A    Chris's Pic 2    Chris's Pic 9 LR    Chris's Pic 10    Chris's Pic 4    CT Clone 24 Colour Mk4    CT Clone 24       Chris's Pic 23 Coloured    Chris's Pic 23 B&W    Clone33     Chris's Pic 22 Colour

cropped-chriss-pic-8a.jpg    Pic 11 Mk2    Pic 11     Chris's Pic Homage to V V

Clone 27 B     Clone 27 B demi Cool_Clone 27     Clone 27 B Cool      CT Clone 22 B&W

CT Clone 21d    Chris's Pic 21 test      CT Clone 21c       Chris's Pic 20

Chris's pic 15a    Chris's pic 15      Chris's pic 14       Chris's pic 13

Chris's Pic 1     Chris's Pic 7      Chris's Pic 6 LR       Chris's Pic 8

Clone 12a    Chris's Pic 12     Clone 26         CT Clone 16 coloured LR

Chris's_Wave      Chris's pic 5