Clone 4

Chris's Pic 4It is impossible to be indifferent to this panel, a classic piece of Op Art in black and white.

Black squares of many sizes are positioned to suggest waves. The brain and the eye are perfectly sure that what is perceived is curved with beautiful waves, but close up there’s just squares and straight lines.

The visual effect is fascinating and the optical illusion confuses the mind. And the artist creates double the effect as the picture is divided into two halves.

One side is an enlargement of the other, with larger black and white waves seemingly say to the viewer – “yes, you are being deceived”.

The ideal size for this picture is 1 meter square but the optical illusion effect can be achieved in a smaller size as well.

Prices range from £200 to £500, depending of the chosen size.

Limited editions are set in 20 and there 9 left. All the copies will be signed and accompanied with an authenticity certificate, also signed. You can buy these limited editions here at Contact & Purchase.

Small and no signed copies of this work can be bought at Saatchi Art website.