Clone 23

Chris's Pic 23 ColouredIt is possible to see an illuminated triangle in the middle of dark purple squares flying over a soft red background surface. But it is also possible to see a dark red diamond around that circle…but where is the circle now? Oh yes, the circle is around a square shadow in the centre of the picture, but…

Eyes and mind can’t agree about this image which provokes the observer and catches the attention in an endless and fascinating exercise to try to understand the impossible.

Can be printed on paper or canvas. Edition of copies are limited to 10. There are still 7 copies left.

The ideal size for this picture is from 60 to 80 square cms in order to maintain the optical effect.

Prices range from £200 to £500 (plus shipment expenses) – it depends of the size.

The copy is signed and numbered with a authenticity certificate also signed by the artist. The art work will be ship in a protective tube by Royal Mail  or Fedex.

You can buy this signed limited edition at Contact & Purchase or a no signed copy at Saatchi Art online.