Clone 22 – Colour

Chris's Pic 22 ColourVector, Algorithmic Art and Fractal on Paper or Canvas. Limited Edition to 10 – there are 6 copies left.

Multi coloured circles into squares, and vice versa, forming an alluring image about which it is impossible to be ambivalent – trying to understand – trying to focus the eye in one place.

Yellows and purples, greens and oranges, pinks and blues – all contained in geometric forms making a square with infinite movement and a delicate combination of colours.

The ideal size for this picture is from 80 to 50 square centimeters – in order to maintain the optical effect.

The prices range from £200 to £500 (plus shipment expenses) – it depends of the size. The print is done under the artist supervision in high quality printers in fine art paper. The artwork is signed and a certificate of authenticity goes within the tube to be posted – by Royal Mail or Fedex.

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