Clone 21 C & D

CT Clone 21c
Clone 21 C

The strong square green and gradient of green to blue as a background to coloured diamonds, invite viewers to lose themselves in its geometry.

The eye is confused by a coloured combination of yellows and oranges that merge to red then transmute to colder colours.

A large diamond formed from smaller diamonds which are formed by even smaller versions, all creating a geometrical and alluring composition of colour and movement.

CT Clone 21d
Clone 21 D

The ideal size for these pictures is from 60 to 90 square centimeters, in order to maintain the optical effect.

Prices range from £200 to £450 (plus shipment expenses) – it depends of the size. The print is done under my supervision in high quality printing and in fine art paper.

This edition is limited to 20 and I have 13 copies left of Clone 21 C and 12 copies left of Clone 21 D.

Each artwork copy is signed, as well the authenticity certificate. The art is sent by Royal Mail or Fedex in a protective tube.

You can buy a signed limited edition copy here at Contact & Purchase. Or a no signed copy at Saatchi Art online (smaller sizes though).