Chris Tucker

I was born in Sherborne, England, on 12th April 1948, and following a short period in the Royal Navy I studied Art at Yeovil Technical college. I moved to London in 1966 and in 1967 attended East Ham College of Art whose tutors encouraged and helped me to obtain a place at the then independent and highly prestigious Chelsea School of Art – the Oxbridge of creativity. 20120913_110036

I thought then, and still do, that it was such a great privilege (and surprise) to be accepted into such a formidable artistic establishment where I was fortunate to be tutored by artists such as John Ernest, Gillian Wise, Anthony Hill and Malcolm Hughes. These four artists encouraged the development of my profound interest in mathematically based geometric, constructivist and optical art. Chelsea also gave me the opportunity to listen to and learn from such artistic luminaries as Bridget Riley and David Hockney.

Many of my pictures explore the use of geometry and other mathematical principals to suggest three dimensions and movement on flat surfaces – a serious challenge for artists and designers throughout the centuries.

I love to draw and still produce figurative pictures in various mediums. I firmly believe that drawing is the essential discipline in the creative process, as it facilitates a way of looking at and understanding the world about us.

I do hope you enjoy my pictures displayed here on my web site…