The first home

Young couples already zealous for their memories in the future commissioned me to draw their first homes in London.

#1 – Chloe & Danny – Bromley, London – 2017

The drawing #1 is the first house of Chloe and Danny, in Bromley, London, to where they moved on last November. The image also shows the first car. The drawing was made in pencil on fine art paper and measures 420 x 297 cms.

A pencil drawing requires special techniques and the final effect is a smooth, calm, a peace of art – nice to look at it.

Usually I recommend a pencil drawing when the subject does not have too many details, like a house with no bricks, for example.

2# – Lucy & Callum – Brockley, London – 2017

The 2# drawing shows the first house of Lucy & Callum, in Brockley, London, to where they move on July 2016.

The drawing was made with pen and ink – the ideal technique to use when the subject is more complex, with lots of details. The image has 210 x 297 cms.

If you want a pencil drawing  of your home or any other subject, contact us at Contact & Purchase. 




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